Quiz: What’s Your Personality Type?

According to psychologists, there are four different personality types. You can be a Performer, Intellectual, Guardian, or Idealist. Your personality type says a lot about you. It explains your strengths and weaknesses, and it even provides you with insight into your vices. Unfortunately, you probably don’t know what personality type you are, so you don’t understand yourself very well. You can change that today. Take this test to find out more about your personality type. Then, you can use your personality type to your advantage.

The Personality Types

While you can change certain things about yourself, your personality type is set in stone. It is the reason that you are who you are.

If you are a Performer, you are warm, funny, and skilled. You can take center stage or create paintings or crafts to share with the world. Your personality makes you a great entertainer, and you excel around people.

Intellectuals are rational people. They are drawn to problems and love finding solutions. If you are an Intellectual, you might be into research. You could even be a professor at a university.

If you are a Guardian, you are a law abiding citizen. You believe in duties and responsibilities, and you follow the rules. As a Guardian, you like to take care of others. You might be a doctor or a nurse or simply take care of your partner. You have to find some sort of outlet to take care of people.

Idealists are dreamers. If you have this personality type, you are constantly imagining the possibilities. You go after your goals, but you make sure they don’t compromise your ideals. Your conscious weighs heavily on you if you do compromise your ideals.

Use Your Personality to Your Advantage

After you discover your personality type, use it to your advantage. Go after the right job and live the right dreams. Live an authentic life in every way that you can. When your goals match up with your personality type, it is much easier to reach them.

Get started with the test and invite your friends to do the same. When everyone knows who they are, it is much easier to be authentic.

Your Personality Type Test
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