Quiz: Are You Romantic or Pragmatic?

Do you have both feet on the ground, or do you feel like you’re starring in your very own romantic comedy? Do you take things at face value, or do you prefer to see the romantic possibilities in everything? Take this quiz to find out if you’re romantic or pragmatic. The results will give you some insight into your relationship style. Then, you can use that insight to have stronger relationships.

This Test Is Meant for Two

If you have a partner, have him or her take the test, as well. If he or she refuses to take it, take it in your partner’s place. You need to find out your partner’s relationship style so you can have a better relationship.

For instance, if you are romantic but your partner is pragmatic, you’ll understand why he or she never brings you flowers (too expensive) or chocolates (you’re always complaining about your weight). On the other hand, if you’re pragmatic and your partner is romantic, you’ll know that you need to up your game a little bit. Springing for some flowers won’t hurt from time to time, and you can buy the small box of chocolates. Your partner will appreciate even the smallest of gestures, so you’ll need to start being more romantic every once in a while. You have to learn to speak your partner’s relationship language so you can be even closer.

Find the Perfect Partner

If you aren’t with someone, you can use your results to find the perfect partner. Let dates know right off the bat that you are romantic or pragmatic. This will help you match up with people who have your relationship style. That way, you can avoid some fights down the road. Instead of pairing up with someone who has the opposite style, you can be with someone who is just like you. That will take some stress out of your dating life.

Jump right in and take the test, answering each question honestly. Then, when you get to the end, read your results and get ready to embrace your relationship style.

Romantic or Pragmatic Test
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